Terms and Conditions – privately funded treatment

  1. Every session is payable on the day at the start of the appointment using cash or a bank/credit card. I have access to a debit/credit card machine.
  2. In exceptional circumstances and only with prior agreement, I may accept cheques payable to “Dr A. Swami” at the end of each consultation and will provide you with a receipt. 

Terms and Conditions – changing or cancelling appointments

  1. If you need to cancel an appointment you must let my P.A. know 48 hours before otherwise you will be liable for full payment.
  2. If you cancel your appointment with me with 48 hours notice or more you will not be charged.


  1. If I issue a prescription in a consultation, this will not incur a fee.
  2. However, if you need a prescription outside of an appointment, this will incur a fee of £25 plus any courier fees if the prescription needs to be sent by a courier to your local pharmacy.


  • Initial assessment 60 minute duration                                       – £695
  • Initial assessment 90 minute duration/out of hours                 – £850
  • Outpatient clinic follow up consultation (30 minutes)             – £250
  • Outpatient clinic follow up consultation (>30 to 60 minutes) – £350
  • Hospital In-patient consultant care daily fee                 – variable per hospital
  • Hospital Day-patient consultant care daily fee             – variable per hospital